Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The UN Should Observe the Negative Changes in Denmark!

This is Not Integration but Inflation!

Since the “Venstre” party won the 2001 elections in Denmark, the party has intended to make this well known paradise to the foreigners a piece of hell.

The party uses its mechanical majority in coordination with too other capitalist parties in the Parliament to change all the laws in the land that were made during the reign of the Social Democratic party.

During its two terms in power the party has succeeded to change some laws which affected not only the foreigners but the Danish people too.

Yes, the Danish people are very tolerant than to make riots. But the situation is really getting worse, to the standard that demands a UN observation.

Some parties in the opposition say that they're coming now to the worst period in the Danish history since the Second World War.

The most big "3F" Unions alerted their members and they're leading a national campaign against the last suggestions the ruling party has tailored to change and implement new laws against the foreigners.

... to be continued.

Note to all 15.680 members of my lists: If you're on one of these lists, regardless to where you're living, please send this page to friends using the link above. Just click on the headline. You can do a search for UNIONS and parties in Denmark using the same link to find and read more information. I suggest that you support these anti-ruling party unions to bring about really democratic Denmark!

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